What’s New

You are invited to attend our

POP UP Showcase


April 22, 2018

at Southampton Day Camp

from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. 

Please RSVP by April 16th


Check out our NEW CO2 that can be added to your DJ set up.
It will be a CROWD BLASTER to have at your next event. 


Introducing our NEW GLITTER BAR!!!! 

You and your guests can now enjoy having a real make up artist in a real salon setting at your event. Guests will be able to choose from any or all of the following Glitter Options:

Glitter Lipstick

Glitter Hair

Glitter Face Gems

$1500.00 (1st Hour)  / $400.00 per hour after


Call Today to book an incredible performance with our talented BREAKDANCERS who will bring a mainstream performance to your event by Flipping, Tricking, Popping & Locking. Enhance your event with these amazing BREAKERS TODAY

LED Choker Bar

Our LED Choker Bar is a great ADD-ON for Cocktail Hour. Let your guests pick their choker necklace to wear at the event and take home for everyday use. The chokers are displayed on an LED Bar that glows in a color of your choice.


Check out the NEW Glitter Lip-Stick Novelty item. Your guests can enhance their lips with the new glitter lipstick which sparkles and shines.


Check out our NEW LED Backdrop Paneling.