Arkaos Video Setup

Follow the steps below BEFORE you open fullscreen in Arkaos. This will prevent your fullscreen window from appearing on your main display in front of you.

Before starting this process, make sure everything is wired correctly including:

  • HDMI is plugged into the side of this device
  • HDMI is plugged into the Kramer video splitter
  • TV’s are powered up and set to the correct input

Step 1 – Open Display Preferences

Right click on your Desktop and select “Display settings”

Step 2 – Make sure your displays are set to extend

If your screen looks like this, skip ahead to step 3.

If you see a screen that looks like this, scroll down to the Multiple Displays section.

Set the Multiple displays dropdown to “Extend these displays”

It should look like the above screenshot.

Select Keep changes

Step 3 – Open Arkaos and check your settings

At the top right, click File > Preferences

Step 4 – Select the Display tab

Step 5 – Set your Full Screen Monitor

Generic Non-PnP Monitor will be the display attached to the laptop.

You are looking for the name of either the TV, projector, or the video splitter. It may say something like VM4-HD. Check the model number of the Kramer to confirm.

If you only see 2 options, select the one that is not Generic Non-PnP Monitor.

Step 6 – Set your resolution

For MOST events the correct setting is 1920×1080 @60Hz (less Hz is OK too).

Press OK to save your settings

Step 7 – Open full screen display in Arkaos